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Wild on Wax is Houston premiere Brazilian Wax Experts. We have been featured in hundreds of reviews online. Here are just a few of our happy customer reviews.

Best of City Search - Wax Salon

Best of City Search - Wax Salon

Best Waxing Ever
by dalcookie at Citysearch

D'Lesa is absolutely hands down the very best in her profession. A friend of a friend recommended that I try a Brazilian wax several years ago before going on a beach vacation. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself. Well worth the money and the drive from The Woodlands. I would not go to anyone else! I am a loyal client.

Pros: Very Professional, Yet Low Key Environment
Cons: A Bit of a Drive But Well Worth It

Didn't Hurt! Smooth as silk results a week after wax
by htownmoma at Citysearch

I am completely amazed at the results from D'Lesa's brazilian wax service! She uses a highly refined bee's wax that leaves me 10 times smoother and irritation-free unlike any of the hard-blue wax used in the past. She is also very fast, precise and has a way of completely relaxing me. It has been 5 days since my wax and I have absolutely zero irritation and completely smooth. This was my first wax in several months so I know the next will be even easier. I Highly recommend Wild on Wax whether it's your first wax or 50th!

Pros: Fast, painless, beautiful wax results!

First Brazilian
by crzman at Citysearch

I am a male and had my first Brazilian a few days ago. D,Lesa was the one who did it, she was very good. She walked me through everything she did and put me at ease. I was very nervous when I first went into the room but after the first couple of strips I was completely relaxed, so much so I let her do my chest. I highly recommend wild on wax.

Pros: Fast thorough and little pain
Cons: none

Better Than Any Spa!
by danalldo at Citysearch

I just settled into a spot here in downtown Houston. I've spent most of my life in the New York area and have gone to some good waxing studios. Wild on Wax Studio has just as good waxing service as any I've been to in the she-she areas around Manhattan . The results are great and the waxing experience is gentle and delivered expertly.I reccomend T'Resea, she did my services. I had a bit of difficulty getting a booking for on the couple of days I wanted so I would recommend to you booking your service in advance. I have a standing appt every 5 weeks.

WOW! Best Brazilian EVER!
by swiftdana at Citysearch

T'Resa is awesome! I have never been more comfortable about waxing services ever. They make you feel welcome, they are so friendly and do some great work. Be sure to make an appointment because they are booked solid daily. Appointments are on time and quick. Remember...everyone is there for the same thing so no need to get embarrassed. Men and women are welcome.

Houston's best kept secret!!!
by instant unsecured loans jewels98 at Citysearch

Love, love, love this place!

I have been to other places to have my stuff waxed and was left a little, sore. At WOW this is not the case. I don't know what it is, but it is always less painful. Always!

The girls all talk to you while you get waxed, and make the whole experience of taking off your clothes and naked to have the hair ripped out so much fun! Oh, one more thing, they educate you.

Pros: Best Wax Ever...
Cons: You have to make an appointment, they stay booked

Great Wax!!!!!!
by sarasofa at Citysearch

It is by far the greatest Brazilian wax I've ever tried. Especially when you have it done in a place full of good energy, which transmit to you an indescribable feeling of trust. Being waxed in certain areas sometimes causes embarrassment, and I'd think that later on they'd talk about the clients, but I finally understood that it is a professional place like any other. Loved it!!!.... And the girls will see me every month!!!

Pros: Great Location!
Cons: None

by Jeanna Park at Citysearch

I've been going to T'resa for over a year now and I was turned on to WOW by my best friend who has been going to D'Lesa for about 2 yrs. We are in LUV with these ladies! Not only are they funny, fly, and friendly; they really KNOW what they are doing and what they are talking about! They will go out of their way to make sure you are happy and get the best waxing experience. The place is super clean and private and the atmosphere is very laid back. I'm addicted not only to the brazilian, but to my T'resa as well!!!!! :-)

Pros: Friendly, funny, quick, accomadating.....PERFECT

This is THE place to wax
by ktsams at Citysearch

I have been going to WoW since 2003 and there is no one that can compete on quality, value, consistency and integrity. I've compared experiences now and again at other establishments and nowhere comes close to Wild on Wax. I usually see D'Lesa but also have seen T'Resa. I have referred others and we all agree that they are experts, professionals, and keep the customer at ease, whether for a waxing 'newbie' or 'veteran'.

Pros: Experts, Professional, Honest, Great Value
Cons: none whatsoever

The ONLY place for wax services
by amaniaye at Citysearch

I'm plaza hotel new york sooo late in writing this review but D'Lisa has been my waxer since my first encounter with the Brazilian. Since then, there is absolutely no one else I would trust to 'do me.' She makes you feel completely at-ease, she's fast at her task, and she's just so personable. I've heard great things about the other employees, in fact, one of girl friends swears by T'resa, but I'd have a hard time going elsewhere. She's totally into her craft and is definitely about quality as opposed to quantitiy. I've followed them through several moves and employee changes and, consistently, she maintains The Standard. Don't go anywhere else...

Pros: the seo tips best customer service/professional integrity
Cons: absolutely none

Best Wax Ever
by jetera21 at Citysearch

I search engine optimization recently went to Wild on Wax two days before going on vacation to Miami. Let me say first that I'm an African American female, who get ingrowns very easily. So I had the pleasure of having T'resa do my bikini wax. She is the BEST!!!! The process was virtually painless and she is the best person to put you at ease and make you comfortable. She did such a great job, I wanted to buy her lunch afterwards, but instead I tipped, which I rarely do. I would advise any women on color to visit Wild on Wax. F.Y.I. it has been 3 weeks since my wax and I've had little to no ingrowns. I'm definitely going back very soon.

Pros: Great customer service

Best place for a Brazilian Wax!
by WillettGirl at Citysearch

The reason I like this place is because they use the blue hard wax.

I search engine optimization companies was waxed by N'gelica and she was awesome!! Super nice, very careful. It was my first wax and I thought it would be very painful but it was not.

I will surely come back, I LOVE IT!

Pros: Clean facility & professional care.
Cons: no cons

Best Wax in the city
by fancygirl96 at Citysearch

I have been to so many places in the area for Brazilian waxes, but Wild On is right on! They are the only salon I have seen do this correctly and quickly. The staff is super friendly and the place is very clean. Best of all, they get you in and out- no time is wasted. This can be a painful procedure, but I have never left feeling uncomfortable at all. It's as pain free as this can be!

Pros: Quick, professional seo services as pain free as you can be in this situation
Cons: none

I Found My Esthetician!
by dolekat at Citysearch

Tresa is radiant! She made sure i was comfortable and talked to me the whole time she was waxing. i almost forgot what i was in for. and as far as the pain factor, well let's just say that no brazilian will ever be painless, here was simply not as painful as other places i've been to. she didn't pull out big chunks all at once. she took her time to do smaller sections so i wasn't in that much pain.

Pros: Great Service
Cons: None

Wild On Wax is THE BEST!
by lizac419 at Citysearch

I went to Wild on Wax the first time just last month for a Brazilian with T'resa, and I received the most thorough, gentle, and comfortable Brazilian ever! Compared to past waxes with cloth strips, leftover hair and burning after effects, my experience with T'resa was very soothing and simple. She made me feel very comfortable, and made sure that I was happy with the results before I got dressed. Definitely a great experience and I am going back to T'resa for all my future waxes!

Pros: Quality products. Expert technique
Cons: Absolutely none

I love this place!
by york hotels ccr1338 at Citysearch

This is a great place for a Brazilian! D'Lesa is awsome she is the best! Great Environment!


Pros: Best Brazilian!

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