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Why Choose Wild on Wax?

Our professionals at Wild on Wax are Houston’s best at gentle, yet effective hair removal. With over 12 years of experience, our licensed aestheticians will ensure quality of service and will do their best to give you a great experience and make you as comfortable as possible!

Our Products:

The spain hotels chemistry of the wax is everything! We ensure high-grade wax products using all-natural oil made from bee’s wax that is conducive to the climate and each individual’s skin type.

Since not all waxing oils are created equal, many salons will use a blue dye to give the impression of greater quality or a cutting-edge product. Our wax has a large molecular structure that works best with humid climates and sets up with a perfect time and manor so that all the hair stays into the wax and your waxing session is as smooth and pain-free as possible. 


How long will I be hair-free after waxing?

Most clients are hair-free for 3-4 weeks, however results may vary depending on your skin type and rate of hair regrowth.

Hair has 3 stages of growth: anagen, catagen and telogen (also known as growth, resting, and dying). If you’re consistent with your waxing treatments (we recommend once every 4 weeks for the first 4 treatments), then most of the hair follicles will be removed. The body will then give up on growing hair, because if there is no hair in the follicles it will stop producing the protein and karyotin to grow and maintain it.

It can take up to 4 waxing sessions before all your hair is in the same growth cycle. Most of our clients experience 50-60% less hair after their wax treatments (treatments can range from 5-8 weeks), but since your rate of hair growth is unique to you, results may vary.

Will my skin be irritated after waxing?

Most seo company people don’t experience ingrown hairs, irritation or pain after their wax session. Because each wax is done methodically with products that are conducive to both the client’s skin type and the climate, 99% of our clients won’t experience ingrown hair or red/overly irritated skin. You’ll find the aftercare is “proceed as normal and enjoy your smooth, hairless skin!”

What york hotels to do to prepare for your waxing session:

  refused credit   For most areas, your hair should be between ¼ to 1/2 of an inch long so that the wax can effectively grab the hair.

  search engine optimization   A gentle exfoliator about 24 hours prior to your waxing session can help the hair hidden underneath the skin to surface for the most effective wax.

    RELAX, and let our professional aestheticians ensure you’re as comfortable as possible and have a great waxing experience.

What NOT to do before your waxing session:

    Performing activities that will elevate your heart rate and thin your blood can make your skin more sensitive and result in a more painful waxing process. Try to avoid cardio/exercising, drinking alcohol, aspirin and anything else that may affect the process.

  unsecured loans with bad credit   Avoid excess sun exposure or tanning beds at least 24-48 hours prior to your waxing session. Because waxing exfoliates the skin by removing the top layer of dead surface cells, heavy sun exposure will make your skin more sensitive and irritable and could cause sunburn.

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